Guarantee – Pricing – Terms & Conditions

Product Guarantee.

We GUARANTEE that all our products ( especially CND, CND SHELLAC, LUXE etc.. ) are all GENUINE – direct from source…( no thrid party storage ) – NO FAKE items here. Put your mind at rest ::}


All the prices quoted in our shop are net of VAT and shipping and ex works our main store in Malta.

As we are a registered company in the EU – our VAT number MT 1642-9904 , our site caters to VAT free transactions as per cross-border EU law.

If you have a valid VAT number – simple enter it correctly in the box provided on check out . .  and our system will validate and remove the VAT automatically.

If you do not have  a valid VAT number and are shipping to EU countries – you will be charged our local VAT which is 18% ( which is still lower than many EU countries )

Our stores are based in Malta ( EU )

For all local orders, the VAT is charged on every transaction.

Our aim is to serve our customers with the lowest prices in EU and on many of our items we strongly feel we are very competitive.

If you interest is on a high volume level – eg – to set up as a re-seller or have a chain of shops and consume lots of products then we also offer to cater to you specifically in the best way we can – and we have lots of coupons set up already.

We are committed to help any size customer – big or small. – If you can find the products cheaper in EU, send us an email or use our contact form . . and get in touch :} We would love to hear from you.

For Maltese customers we would just like to point out – that if prices are lower here than our normal prices .. its because we are always testing the market to see which prices work best . . and this price does not include delivery at all.  If you want to save more on the delivery  / postage – all you have to do is collect our order – from our store. – only in that situation can we waiver the shipping fee.

Terms and Conditions.

All orders are dealt with on first come first serve basis.

In most cases  when orders are received the day before or even in the morning we can pack and ship small order that we find fully paid on the same day.

The post office in our are closes at 12.45 pm so if we do not manage to complete – they will be shipped the day after.

If we do not have in part or full – Any of the items if you order, we will fill what we have – and then get in touch with you via email.  –  ( at this point your order is on hold ) and we need your confirmation in writing to continue and complete.

Our staff will offer you the choice to change or remove from the order  – and in many cases – when we receive you confirmation in due time – we manage to ship without delay.

Once the orders complete and shipped – we then update the tracking number and your order status so you can log in and print your invoice.

If you need to add items – we never had problem helping our customers with ‘opps i forgot’ emails – and even if the items is fully paid – we can generate payment request for any additions :}

Payment Transactions.

Many who use Paypal I’m sure know exactly how great this method payment is and its available with us.

For all our  Credit Card transactions, our system is set to block your amount from your card when you make an order not actually take it.

This gives you the best situation in case we can not complete in part or full. Only after we can complete your order 100% to your satisfaction do we actually run the payment – and then ship straight away.

We do not see your credit card details in any way shape or form. We work through a top payment gateway called Braintree and they handle all payments on our behalf.

Bank swift are recommended for large amount and are possible to our company account – Aura Ltd.


As we are based in Malta – our company and all its dealings fall under Maltese Law – and same for VAT and other.