CND Education offers a variety of classes to nail professionals throughout every step of their career path. Nail professionals can build their skills with two or four hour CND Skill Building classes, get certified with CND Shellac™ Certification class, reap valuable rewards by becoming a CND Master with the eight hour Master program or hone their skills with a CND Expert course.

Classes designed to provide the perfect foundation for a successful career. Focused-theory sessions will inform and enlighten. Hands-on sessions to practice and perfect your skill. You’ll graduate ready to begin a new career as a CND Certified Nail Professional.

Malta, Cyprus, Israel.

Whether upgrading to CND product systems or transitioning to a new career – this level is designed to build skills and ensure customer satisfaction!

Master level education classes to fine-tune skills, qualify you as a CND Master and elevate service levels for premium positioning.

Advanced professional-technique classes designed to raise your career to its peak level. Watch your reputation, technical skills and profits soar to a whole new level!