Vinylux Pacific Rose 0.5 floz (15 ml)

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Pacific Rose: A sweet rosy pink with a bright bite.


Fall into sweater season with warm, rich hues inspired by autumn’s most succulent flavors and luscious foliage. CND® invites you to cozy up with the Autumn Addict collection, a curated selection of six, enchantingly earthy tones.

Available in both CND® SHELLAC® Brand Gel Polish and CND® VINYLUX® Long Wear Polish, this resplendent range embodies the shift in seasons with pigmented, neutral shades. The collection includes: Pacific Rose, a sweet rosy pink; Gala Girl, a classic nude with a lush touch; Sweet Cider, a freshly mulled light brown; Fuji Love, a juicy mauve-nude; Cherry Apple, a rich, deep red and Crisp Green, a savory vibrant green.

“The orchard-inspired collection is a radiant Fall season palette that encompasses warm neutrals that embodies the earthy season, along with a crisp-to-the-core green to accent” said CND® Co-Founder, Jan Arnold. “These captivating polishes are the perfect pair to fireside fashion.”

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