COOL CLEAN 70% Beauty Medical Grade IsoPropyl Alcohol IPA Isopropanol Sanitize Liquid.

 2.97 45.76 price_excluding_tax

Current corona crisis means Isopropyl supply in ALL EU from USA is currently stopped by Trump himself. ALL EU countries are NOT allowing free movement as they need for their hospitals. Only way into MALTA is double the price for only possible 70% concentration available . We can help you get iso. We supply in 120ml, 1lt or best value bulk 5lt size. Please read our full description ..


CORONA Awareness and support in Malta. – please read.

If you are looking for the best way to KILL corona for you and your loved ones then washing hands is very good.

However its not enough. – Corona can survive for days in the air and loved to stick also to any hard surfaces around your home  in including computers , phones  playstation joysticks etc.. It also loves to stick to metal and glass which are all over the home and hospital in bathrooms – and kitchens etc.. door nobs and such.

So the whole realised that Isopropyl Alcohol is the best way to kill the ‘bugs’ / pathogens .

Buy  in liquid or gel form at best concentration recommend by WHO – which  is 70% -and  either make thicker or find some small spray bottles so you can spray any surface including – your hands after washing.

So why is it now more expensive in Malta and even from us. ( like double the price )

Isopropyl comes mainly from the USA. In a big super tanker like oil and gas.

On 15 March – Trump declared a complete USA lock down on all ports and borders in USA and EU – and then included UK as well.

So  our supplier who normally gets from the EU ISO hub in Germany was not able to find because ALL EU countries and UK stopped the internal flow of supply because they know they will need it for themselves .

Our supplier managed to find another country in EU – and is getting a new supply from there – however its NOT full containers…and by trailer to Malta , 99% pure is not allowed to travel as per Hazardous materials road  restrictions .

So the best that can be done – at the moment is to get by trailers – in whatever amount possible but repacked at 70% – .

The overheads on this whole operation – will mean we can get ISO – but at this higher price.

It will  be  70% – Perfect – ready and effective .

For now –  we dont know if the prices will increase again.

So please call us for the latest update and if you need a constant supply – let us know and we will try to pre order and pay our supplier in  advance to help you not have to worry about iso supply.


For now we are investing in a small amount ourselves – but please let us know what you think  you will need and good luck to us all.










This product is designed specifically for the remove of the ‘stick’ layer after curing UV or soak off  gels.

It is also great for other uses including sanitation or cleaning glass on laptop or mobile phone etc..

Suggested use with the CND Logo Menda pump bottle

The difference we package as we sell – so the product is not oxidized and will do the job perfectly without worry.

As the product is NOT hermetically sealed we do not suggest to try and ship it overseas. As an alternative, for nails – simply get – CND COOL BLUE – ( which is ISO in gel form – and can be shipped ) :}}

N.b. Image is not the actual product but rather to show type of packaging.

All our products are packed in translucent – PET plastic.

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