CND Shellac Satin Sheets – 0.25 floz (7.3 ml)

 17.80 price_excluding_tax


Inspiring, unforgettable and iconic. CND die-hards rejoice, our original and best Shellac brand have revived five of their original Iconic shades in this limited edition collection.

Returning for one time only, welcome back:
– CND Shellac Spike 7.3ml
– CND Shellac Satin Sheets 7.3ml
– CND Shellac Company Red 7.3ml
– CND Shellac Pointe Blanc 7.3ml
– CND Shellac Jiggy 7.3ml

The shades are available in CND Shellac™ only. in Europe.

Check out the official iconic nail art guide.

This order is for – 1 CND Shellac Satin Sheets – 0.25 floz (7.3 ml)

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