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CND Shellac vs Soak Off Gels

CND Shellac Power Polish™ is a breakthrough, patent-pending technology that combines the ease of polish with the performance of gels. No other products in the market can stand up to the claims – 14+ Day Wear. Mirror Shine. Zero Dry Time.

Systems you will love to use



Liquid & Powder System


Spa Mani / Pedi




Brisa Gel  Enhancement System

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Brisa Lite Removable Gel System


Hand & Body


Please Note: As a consumer, this site will help you understand why you should insist on certain brands by name from our service provider – after all, its your natural nails that will suffer the consequences.

WAN-A-Be  – Nail Professionals & Nail Pros in search for the truth – this is the place

Be Warned: The nail world ( like any other business ) is riddled with brands and products that although may look similar and have lots of advertising, may not be worth investing in – Soak off gel is a clear example as it requires filing that thins out the nail plate of your customer. So, open your eyes, invest in the award winning education systems CND Academy provides and you are guaranteed to be smart enough to run your business successfully and with very happy customers.

Foundation Classes for beginners


CND Nail Art
CND Nail Art 2
CND Nail Art 3
CND Nail Art 4
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CND Nail Art 6
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PRO TIP: Look for the CND Academy Certificate on the wall and ask for CND original systems like CND Shellac & Vinylux. Don’t accept any other substitute – it doesn’t get better than this!

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